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TK22 and TK75 Are New and Improved

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New And Improved
You've Heard it Before
In This Case -- IT IS SO TRUE!  

If you thought the TK22 and the TK75 were superior before, wait until you get your hands on the improved TK22 and TK75.  For example, the TK22 XM-L2(U2) LED Flashlight is brighter, with an additional 30 lumens in turbo, up from 650 to 680 lumens. And every level of brightness except the low level, has increased, while maintaining an ultra-long runtime. And the new TK75 XM-L2(U2) LED Flashlight will flood the market with an added 300 lumens on top of its already astonishing 2600 lumens. That brings it to a whopping 2900 lumens. Turn your acre backyard into daylight. This is an ultimate tactical light!  Be among the first to grab one of these for your light collection, or if it is the only light you buy, you cannot go wrong.