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Tenergy 30201 RCR123A 3.0V 900mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

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SKU: 30201
Brand: Tenergy

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Product Description

Charge ONLY with the Tenergy branded charger TN270

Tenergy 30201 RCR123A 3.0V 900mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

This rechargeable battery from Tenergy utilizes reliable Lithium-Ion chemistry to acheive sonsitant performance throughout its lifetime. RCR123A batteries are the recharbeable brothers of the popular CR123A batteries found in digital cameras and high performance LED flashlights. This cell provides 3.0 volts and offers 900 mAh of capacity. View the features below to learn more about the charging characteristics for one of Tenergy's best-selling products.

We also offer the compatible Lithium-Ion charger for this cell. Tenergy's unique charging characteristics mean you should always use an approved charger when powering this battery.

Save Money With Rechargeable Cells

By stocking up on rechargeable batteries, you save money over time. RCR123A batteries cost more up front but will remain useful for you over a much longer time, meaning you generate less waste while getting more bang for your buck!


  • Rechargeable CR123A Li-Ion Batteries with 3.0V average working voltage and 900mAh capacity (4.2V at peak without load).
  • Tenergy RCR123A can be recharged up to 1000 times.
  • 1 RCR123A Li-ion = 1000 CR123A Primary Cells
  • Replaces most of CR123A primary Lithium battery for digital cameras and flashlights.
  • Ideal for camera devices, LED flashlights, e-cigarettes, dog collars, lasers, and devices using CR123A batteries.
  • Internal voltage regulators. Initial cell voltage of 3.6V switches to 3-3.2V within 12ms.
  • Internal over-charge and over-discharge protection to prevent battery over use. The current will be shut off when the battery voltage drops below 2.5V.
  • Full PCB protection against: Over-Discharge, Over-Charge, Short Circuit & Over-Current along with voltage regulation.
  • Do not charge the battery cells in other brand RCR123A battery charger. We are not responsible for damage caused by misuse.
  • Open circuit voltage of RCR123A (3.0V) is much higher than primary Lithium battery (3.0V). It may burn certain bulb of flashlight.


  • Dimensions: 16.5 D x 34 H mm.
  • Weight: 17 g or 0.6 Oz.
  • Capacity: Nominal: 600mAh Maximum: 900mAh

Technical Specifications


Symbol Name Conditions MIN. TYPICAL MAX.



VDET1 Over-Charge Detect Voltage - 4.300 4.325 4.375 V
TVDDET1 Output delay of over-Charge C3=0.01μF, VDD=3.6, V->4.4V 175 250 325 ms
VDET2 Over-Discharge Detect voltage - 2.4 2.5 2.6 V
TVDET2 Output delay of over-Discharge VDD=3.6V,V->2.4V 14 20 26 ms
VDET3 Excess current detect voltage - 0.105 0.125 0.145 V
IEC Excess current threshold - - 3.0 3.5 A
TVDET3 Output delay of Excess current VDD=3.0V 8 12 16 ms
IDD Supply current VDD=3.9V,  V-=0V - 3 6 μA
ISTANDBY Standby current VDD=2.0V - - 0.2 μA



Warning: Charge ONLY with the Tenergy branded charger TN270.  

Warning: Do not mix/match with primary cells or other rechargeable CR123A cells.

Warning: Do not mix these cells and the 750mah Tenergy cells concurrently in the same device.

Warning: Do not mix charged and uncharged cells in any device.

  • You must use the 3.0V RCR123A Li-Ion 900mAh battery charger TN270 to charge these batteries.
  • Please do not use other charger, including any 3.6V Li-Ion battery charger, which can not full charge the 3.0V Li-Ion batteries.
  • We do not recommend this setup for any SureFire flashlights, or other brands of incandescent (halogen, kyrton, xenon, etc) flashlights which have a bulb rated 7.2V and under.
  • We typically do NOT recommend these for any bulb flashlights - use them at your own risk in these types of devices.
  • Despite the voltage regulation at it takes the voltage regulation ~12 milliseconds to activate. The batteries will charge to 4.2 Volts before being regulated. Inserting the batteries into your device immediately after removing them from the charger could possibly damage your device! They work GREAT for most LED flashlights!

Product Reviews

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  1. These batteries are awsome!

    Posted by James P on 29th Jan 2015

    These are the best RCR123A I have every run across. They charge quick, run as expected and my flashlights turn off when the battery has run out. Most batteries you can run so low that you damage them but not these.

  2. product

    Posted by on 22nd Dec 2014

    Great item for the price!!

  3. Batteries came charged.

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2014

    1 out of 6 batteries is a very tight fit in my flashlight. Aside from that the batteries came fully charged and seem to work OK.