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Battery Knowledge Resources

Weclome to the Knowledge Center! We want to be your number one authority on battery and charger technology! That's why we've began compiling a set of easy-to-understand guides to help you through whatever questions may come up. Check out the resources below. If you still have questions, reach out to us  and let us know what information we should cover next!



This is a good plave to start if you're looking for some clarification on battery terms and vocabulary. There's a lot to learn when it comes to this technology. We've done our best to put together  a full list of defnitions to help you through the shopping process!

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What are CR123's Used For?

tenergy-cr123-3.jpgCR123 Batteries pack a lot of power in a small package. That's why they're popular choices for high-performance devices that need extra voltage while maintaining a small package.

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CR123 vs. 16340


Primary and rechargeable batteries both have their pros and cons. This extensive guide will run through the strengths and weaknesses of the two options. It's always smart to weigh your options when looking into battery technology. We're here to help!

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