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CR123A CR123 Batteries | Best Price CR123A Batteries!

Hello and welcome to Fenix Podcast for CR123, home of the best price CR123 CR123A Batteries on the web!

                                    Today we'll actually be doing a bit of a change, instead of talking about Fenix Flashlights we will be talking about how to power the Fenix Flashlights, i.e. which batteries to use.

                                    There will be a quick overview of 18650 and a quick overview of CR123 CR123A batteries as well.

                                    First of all as you may know, Fenix has a line of 18650 batteries. 18650 batteries are long cylindrical batteries that all are rechargeable. Fenix has their own brand of 18650s, it comes with ... There are four different options. We have a 2300 milliamp, a 2600 milliamp, a 2900 milliamp, and a 3500 milliamp battery. The milliamp hours which is delegated by mAh. That is just an indication about how long the run time is. So a 2300 milliamp is going to run for significantly less time than a 3500 milliamp battery. The 3500 milliamp is the highest capacity battery you can get in an 18650, and it'll do about 30% more run time than the 2600 milliamp battery.

                                    Fenix also has various, or several variations of 18650 batteries. We've got a couple proprietary batteries that are used in a few different specific lights, as well as a couple of batteries. The 3500U and the 2600U. The U in those names is for USB rechargeable because these batteries actually have a direct USB port into the battery itself, so you can actually charge that battery from a micro USB port with no other charger needed, which is pretty cool.

                                    And the reason that we're here today though is to discuss the CR123A batteries. Also known as just an abbreviated CR123 battery, they come in both non rechargeable and rechargeable forms. The standard non rechargeable battery is the CR123A whereas the rechargeable version is called the RCR123A.

                                    There are many different brands that make CR123 CR123A batteries, and we at carry the Tenergy brand and the Panasonic brand. Both of these are really great brands, Panasonic of course is a little bit better, it's a quality name brand lots of people will recognize. It's a little bit more expensive versus the Tenergy which is a fairly unknown brand but it is one that we use around the office here and we sell almost exclusively. We do offer the Panasonic but the Tenergy sells more than the Panasonic and we have really great history with these batteries, they're very good. They're called the Tenergy Propel CR123A batteries. They're three volts with 15000 milliamps.

                                    CR123A batteries are used for many different applications but the thing that they were actually initially designed for is for use in high quality digital cameras. They were a really great power source for cameras, so they've been adapted to not only just photography cameras but security cameras and whenever they ... And then flashlights, many different flashlight makers on the market started using CR123 CR123A batteries to power their lights because it's a very good, very powerful source of battery power.

                                    They're very small in size so a single CR123 battery is only about 35mm. So that's one of the reasons why they're a really popular choice for flashlights, because if you have just a single cell battery or a single cell flashlight that uses just one Tenergy, or sorry just one CR123 battery, then you'll find that it can be really small and therefore really compact. And even if you use two CR123 batteries, you still have a very small flashlight in comparison to a lot of other options, especially D and C cell batteries.

                                    I'm going back to the rechargeable versus non rechargeable CR123A batteries. With Fenix Flashlights you are not able to use the rechargeable CR123A batteries. This is the case with a lot of different brands of flashlights. I know that there are some that are able to use the rechargeable CR123A batteries, but many are not, and especially with Fenix Flashlights, you are not able to use the rechargeable CR123 batteries because it has a higher voltage and because it has ... The rechargeable CR123As are high drain batteries. So they have to be used with a product that is designed for high drain batteries. With the Fenix Flashlights, not only does the high voltage offer a potential risk of overheating the LED in the flashlight if the internal protection were to fail, but you also will notice that if you were to put in a RCR123A battery and then turn on the flashlight, it would drain down almost instantly. That's because the Fenix Flashlights are not designed for this high drain capacity and so therefore they don't know how to regulate that energy on their own.

                                    Now even though you'll hear a lot of the time that we recommend 18650s for your battery usage on your flashlights, it is always a great idea to just have some CR123As around handy, just in case you're ever in a situation where either you can't find your 18650s or perhaps if you are in a place where you can't recharge the 18650s and you run out of power with them. It's always a good idea to have some CR123As available to use in an emergency situation.

                                    They will last quite a while, not as long as an 18650 of course because they have lower milliamp levels, but they will last quite a while for you. And mostly it's just like I said, great to have a backup option.

                                    And there's really no need to worry about having the CR123 batteries or wasting your money on the CR123 batteries, from them not being used, because they are designed to sit on the shelf for up to 10 years without losing any energy. Or at least without using any significant amount of energy. So these are the type of things where you can purchase them and just let them sit and just if you don't ever use them then that's great, you don't ever use them, but they will be there when you need them to be ready to go. Shop at the home of the best price CR123 CR123A Batteries on the web!