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Timeline: History of the Battery

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History of the Battery

  • 1748 : The term "battery" was first coined by Benjamin Franklin to describe an array of charged glass plates.
  • 1780 - 1786 : Electrical basis of nerve impulses was demonstrated by Luigi Galvani using frog legs.
  • 1800 : The Voltaic Pile constructed of alternating discs of zinc and copper with pieces of cardboard soaked in brine between metals was invested by Alessandro Volta.
  • 1836 : The Daniell cell was invented by John F. Daniell. The cell uses 2 electrolytes ( Copper sulphate and Zinc sulphate. The battery was used to power objects such as telepgraphs, doorbells and was popular in home for over a century.
  • 1839 : The first fuel cell was by William Robert Grove.
  • 1839 - 1842: Improvements were made to batteries using liquid electrodes to electricity. Bunsen in 1842 and Grove in 1839 were the most successful.
  • 1859 : Gaston Plante developed the first pratical storage lead-acid battery that could be recharged. This type of battery is predominantly used in cars today.
  • 1866: Georges Leclanche patented the carbon zinc wet cell battery.
  • 1881: Carl Gassner invented the first commercially succesful dry cell battery ( zinc-carbon cell)
  • 1899: Waldmar Jungner invented the first nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery.
  • 1901: The alkaline storage battery was invented by Thomas Alva Edison. The alkaline cell had iron as the anode material and the nickelic oxide as the cathode material(+).
  • 1954: The first solar battery was invented by Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chapin.
  • 1950: the zinc-mercuric oxide alkaline battery is invented by Samuel Rubin.
  • 1964: Duracell was incorporated.
  • 2019: Everything is rechargeable!