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Don't Forget The Batteries!

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We hope your Christmas shopping is progressing nicely.  Now is the time to make sure you haven't forgotten those all-important batteries! We now offer Panasonic CR123 batteries.

This weekend we are offering 10% off our Fenix products--and FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING on ALL orders over $50.  No coupon code needed to get this free Priority Shipping.  We will process as Priority if your order qualifies.  So you still have time to get those last-minute gifts in time for Christmas.  Why would you want to give someone a flashlight?? Everyone needs a reliable flashlight.  A high-lumen flashlight is a powerful device to monmentarily deter an intruder plus it can be carried on airlines.  Then you have the Everyday Carry lights that are there when you need them, and you will be surprised how often that is the case.  Give a gift of light--every time they turn it on, they will think of you.  

Thank you for your support this year.  We highly value your business and look forward to serving you with the best products on the market.



We are closed every weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
Christmas Closing Times:  Dec. 24 and 25
New Years Closing Times:  Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, 2016



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Team

All Lights 10% OFF

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Don't Forget the Batteries

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