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Tenergy Propel CR123A Battery

Tenergy CR123A Battery

High-Power Lithium Battery

As Low As $.85/battery

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Tenergy RCR123A Rechargeable Battery

Tenergy RCR123 Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

As Low As $3.85/battery

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CR123Batteries.com offers CR123 Batteries in 2 basic formats

(1) CR123A format which ARE NOT RECHARGEABLE.

(2) RCR123A format which ARE RECHARGEABLE.

The CR123A battery style is quickly becoming the number one choice for many manufacturers of high-end electronic devices. Lithium batteries can provide longer life and more power than traditional alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries have also become popular in devices such as digital cameras and tactical flashlights. The standard CR123A battery is non-rechargeable and is commonly referred to as a 123 battery, camera battery, or a photo battery.

Unfortunately for consumers, "name brand" CR 123 batteries can be very expensive, sometimes up to $10 per battery. CR123Batteries.com has searched the globe to find manufacturers that produce CR123A batteries that are made in the same way and from the same materials as the name-brand versions. (See a cross reference chart HERE).

Our CR123 battery is rated 3.0V and 1300 mAh, and can operate at 2000 mA continuous with 3000 mA of pulse current.

RCR123A (Rechargeable, Li-Ion) Batteries

The RCR123 rechargeable battery is identical in shape and size to the CR123A non-rechargeable Lithium-Ion technology. Our RCR123 battery has control protection that will automatically shut the battery off if the internal temperature reaches dangerous levels.

Like the CR 123A battery, the RCR123A is rated for 3.0V but is typically rated for half the capacity (600 mAh).